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Boxed Lunch Menu

Due to the fact that homemade takes longer to prepare,

We Must Have 24 HRS Notice Before Expected Time of Delivery.

Each boxed lunch includes: chips, homemade side of the day,

 (pasta salad, potato salad, baked beans, soup or fresh fruit)

and fresh brownie or cookie. Napkin and condiments included.

(Minimum order of 10.) 

Economy Boxed Lunches
Choose from premium ham, roasted turkey breast or both on a white hoagie roll or wheat bread.
Economy boxes come with chips & dessert only.
 (Minimum order of 25.)                     $7.50

Sandwiches & Subs

** Onion Roll ( Ham or Turkey )                                          $8.50

    Premium ham or turkey on a fresh onion roll w/ homemade

    honey mustard, tomato, lettuce & cheese.


** The Turkey & Ham Sub                                                  $8.50

    Premium ham & turkey served on a hoagie roll topped w/ 

    lettuce, tomato, mayo and American cheese.


** The Turkey Club                                                          $8.50

    Thinly sliced roast turkey breast served on toast w/ lettuce, 

    tomato, mayo, crisp bacon and American cheese.  


** The Roast Beef Sub                                                      $8.50

    Premium roast beef sliced thin and piled high on a hoagie roll.

    Served w/ lettuce, tomato, mayo, and provolone cheese.



** The Meat Lovers Sub          

       * House Specialty *              $9.00

Ham, turkey, & roast beef, piled high on a hoagie roll. Served 

w/ lettuce, tomato, mayo, italian dressing and American cheese. 



** Homemade Meatball Sub      * House Specialty *            $9.00

    A blend of ground beef & pork sausage with just the right

    spices in a hearty tomato sauce. Served on a hoagie roll w/

    lots of mozzarella cheese.




** 3 Cheese Ham & Turkey on Wheat  

   *House Specialty*                      $9.00

Ham & turkey piled high on whole wheat. Served w/ american, colby jack, & swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, homemade honey mustard, & mayo.


  ** Build Your Own Chicken Sandwich                                $9.00                                  


  Each sandwich starts with a marinated chicken breast seasoned

    & grilled to perfection. Served on a seeded bun w/ your choice of sauces.


    Choose from: Mayo, mustard, honey BBQ, homemade

    honey mustard, ranch or buffalo sauce.



Then finish off your sandwich w/ 4 of your favoriate toppings.

    Choose from:  American, swiss, provolone, mozzarella cheese,

    bacon, ham, jalapeno peppers, banana peppers, pickles, lettuce

    onions, & tomatoes.  



Croissants, Pitas, & Wraps

** Homemade Chicken Salad Croissant       *House Specialty*                  $9.00

    All white meat chicken mixed with pecans, pineapple, & our own

    blend of spices served on a fresh butter croissant topped w/ lettuce.



**Turkey Club Croissant                          $9.00

Roasted turkey sliced thin & pilled high on a butter croissant. Served w/ bacon, American cheese, homemade honey mustard, mayo, lettuce, & tomato.



** Veggie Wrap                                              $7.00 

     Lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, onions & cheese rolled in a flour

     tortilla. Served w/ ranch dressing or homemade Tzatziki sauce.



 ** Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap                                                  $8.50

     Marinated chicken breast grilled to perfection w/ lettuce, 

     tomato, cheese & ranch dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla.




** Turkey  Wrap            

  * House Specialty *                               $8.50

     Roasted turkey breast thinly sliced w/ 

     lettuce, tomato, cheese, & homemade

     honey mustard all wrapped up in a

     flour tortilla.

 ** Chicken Fajita Wrap             * House Specialty                             $9.00

     Fresh chunks of chicken breast marinated in a blend of southwest

     spices served w/ onions, green peppers, salsa, sour cream & cheese

     wrapped in a flour tortilla.


** Special Club Wrap                                                                                      $8.50

     Ham, turkey & bacon served w/ homemade honey mustard, lettuce,

     tomato, & blended cheese rolled in a flour tortilla.

** Turkey Lavash Wrap

Shaved deli turkey w/ our Homemade lavash spread. Lavash is a cream cheese based spread w/ tremendous flavor. Served on a  flour tortilla w/ lettuce, tomato & cheese.

** Buffalo Chicken Wrap                                                                  $8.50
Shaved deli chicken breast smothered  in hot & tangy buffalo sauce. Served on a flour tortilla w/ lettuce, tomato & cheese.

** Spinach & Turkey Wrap                                                                             $9.00

     Fresh spinach & deli turkey w/ homemade creamy caesar dressing.

     Served  w/ tomato, lettuce & cheese rolled in a flour tortilla.


** Spinach & Grilled Chicken Wrap                                                            $9.00

     Fresh spinach & marinated grilled chicken breast chunks w/

     homemade creamy caesar dressing. Served w/ tomato, lettuce, &

     cheese rolled in a flour tortilla.


Salads & Trays

Each salad includes: crackers, side of the day, homemade dessert of the day, & choice of dressing ( ranch, 1000 Island, french, italian, fat free ranch, or our homemade honey mustard ).


** House Salad                                                                                $5.00

    Shredded lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes & cheese.


** Large House Salad & Soup of the Day                                        $7.50


** Chef Salad                                                                                  $7.50

    Shredded lettuce, sliced ham & turkey, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes & cheese.

** Grilled Chicken Salad                                                                  $8.00

    Shredded lettuce, grilled marinated chicken breast, carrots,

    cucumbers, tomatoes & cheese.


** Homemade Chicken Salad & Pasta Salad Tray  

*House Specialty*                                   $8.50

  A generous portion of our Homemade chicken

  salad & pasta salad on a bed of lettuce.


** Fresh Spinach Salad                                                                      $8.50

    Fresh spinach w/ your choice of deli turkey or grilled chicken breast.  Served w/ tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, cheese & a homemade creamy caesar dressing.


** Salad & Baked Potato                                                                   $7.50

    House salad & large baked potato w/ butter & sour cream. 


** Salad & Loaded Baked Potato                                                      $8.50

    House salad & large baked potato w/ butter, sour cream, bacon &


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